Aftercare instructions

The continued quality of your tattoo depends greatly upon the care you give it during the healing period, and for the rest of your life. Things you’ll need:

  • Basic white soap

  • Unscented skin lotion

  • Paper towels

  • A freshly laundered, non-abrasive washcloth

After your Session:

Your tattoo should be washed within 3-4 hours of the tattoo procedure. To wash, run the area under warm water, and remove bandage slowly to avoid any sticking to the tattoo. Lather up a CLEAN washcloth with the white soap and LIGHTLY wash the area to remove any greasiness left from the tattoo procedure – DO NOT SCRUB. After the area feels like normal skin, flood the area with very warm water for 10 minutes. After washing, pat area dry with a paper towel and let dry 30 minutes. Apply lotion SPARINGLY, dabbing any excess up with a paper towel.

For 6-10 Days:

With your bare hands, wash the tattoo twice daily, as well as immediately after the tattoo is exposed to dust, perspiration, etc. If you’re washing in the shower, wash the tattoo last, in order to remove any shampoos, conditioners, etc, from the area. Let dry 15 minutes and apply lotion sparingly. Don’t let anyone else touch your tattoo for the first several days. Do not expose the tattoo to prolonged water exposure (bathtubs, swimming, saunas, etc) for 2 weeks. In about 6-10 days the tattoo will begin to peel like a sunburn. DO NOT PICK AT THE SKIN- let it fall off naturally.

Keep your tattoo away from:

  • Dirt, dust, sand, etc.

  • Scratching, bumping or abrasions

  • Tight-fitting clothing

  • Perfumes or fragrances

  • Chemicals or cleaners Prolonged moisture (for 2 weeks)

  • Direct sunlight (for one month)

Continuing Aftercare:

Sun exposure is the main enemy of a tattoo. For the first 30 days, do not use sunscreen, but rather keep the tattoo completely out of sunlight. Wear loose-filling, breathable, cotton clothing to shade the area and let it breathe. After 30 days, regular, frequent application of sunscreen will help your tattoo retain its sharpness and color.