Appointment Checklist:
  • Legal proof of age

  • Loose- fitting, expendable clothing.

  • Extra hoodie or overshirt.

  • Water or beverage (we have some here too)

  • A snack (for longer sittings)

  • Chewing gum/mints, etc.

  • Sunglasses (tattoo-area lighting can be pretty bright)

  • Music or media player (Pads, Ipods, etc.) CD’s, DVD’s, Pads, etc.

  • Payment method (cash)

Proof of Age:

On the day of your appointment, you will be required to fill in an age verification/procedure consent form, so please remember to bring your driver’s license or legal ID with you.


For safety purposes, the tattoo workstation will be set up in your presence, so you can be sure that needles, tubes, inks, and supplies are single-use, and the procedure area and equipment has been freshly sanitized.

Layout and Stenciling:

Depending on the specific tattoo, the design may be stenciled, drawn on by hand, or a combination of both. Size, placement and layout will all be fully discussed and agreed upon before actual tattooing commences. Rodos Ink uses a computer-based digital stencil printer in order to get the most exact fit for your tattoo.

Comfort is Key:

During your session, there are reading materials, digital radio, and privacy curtains for your comfort. Feel free to bring a pod or media player if you like. It’s also ok to have a friend join you during a sitting, but for the comfort of all, we ask you limit it to no more than one or two people.

Find your Happy Place:

While you’re being tattooed, try to get into a mind state that is calm and at peace with the procedure. As in meditating or doing yoga, it’s important to just relax and allow it to happen, naturally. Tensing up during the session can make the procedure more uncomfortable, while letting go and “finding your zone” can make that same session glide by. When your session is complete, the tattooed area will be bandaged, and you’ll be provided with verbal and printed aftercare instructions to take with you.