Our artists’ schedules vary, so while some may be able to accommodate walk-ins at times, others book appointments a number of months in advance. In any case, we’ll do all we can to connect you to an the artist that will be the best fit for your tattoo concept, budget and schedule.

Initial Contact:

If you’d like to discuss a tattoo, it’s best to first call or send an email. If you email, please mention with which artist you’d like to talk, some details about your tattoo concept, and include a phone number. We can then contact you arrange a good time to meet up and discuss the project details further, and get a schedule set up for your tattoo.


If you’re local, an in-person consultation is generally advisable. If you’re beyond driving distance, initial consultations can be conducted with a phone call. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your tattoo more in-depth, so please provide any reference materials, written thoughts, etc at this time. After going over the idea, we’ll look at the appointment calendar and create a schedule for the tattoo application. Smaller pieces can often be completed in a single sitting, while larger works usually require multiple sessions.


A deposit must be placed at the time of making the appointment schedule. Deposit of 30% of the total.

Health Considerations:

If you have pre-existing health conditions, please consult your physician before scheduling any tattoo appointment.